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Kids’ Korner

Kids’ Korner

Maison Baldwin House provides confidential, safe and secure services and resources.

Staying Safe

A safe place in your home is anywhere the abuse is not happening.

Kids’ Help Phone Line 1- 800- 668- 6868
 Website www.kidshelpphone.ca

Kids help phone counsellors speak to kids from across Canada who have questions and concerns about issues like relationships, school, bullying, suicide and abuse. It’s free and easy.

Think first, is it safe to call right now, will the person who is doing the abuse hear you and get angry or upset? If so then it may be better to call another time or call from a different place.

When Children or teens try to stop abuse from happening between adults, they can get hurt. It can be dangerous.


My Very Own Personal Safety Plan

*clicking the button will download the PDF file to your computer. Please ensure that it is safe to download on this computer. Otherwise, contact our centre and we’ll arrange other ways to get you the safety plan.