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Support Us

Make a financial donation easily though our online platform:

This link will allow you to safely and securely make a One Time Donation, or set up a monthly recurring donation to support the shelter on an on-going basis.  Charitable tax receipts will be email automatically. 

Wish List

You will notice that the list is organized by primary and secondary needs. The primary needs are those that are currently needed most and the secondary needs reflect items that may be out of season or less of a priority


Volunteering is a great way to get involved and help out Maison Baldwin house. We have an ongoing need for volunteers for a multitude of different activities in several support areas with our centre.


Financial support is the easiest and most flexible form of donation because it allows us the ability to manage how the resource gets used and apply it to an immediate need. Depending on the need, we can either use it all in one area of our services, or spread it out to cover a number of key support areas.