Personal Safety Plan

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Domestic Violence means an incident of violence or threat
of violence occurring anywhere between:

• Husband and wife
• Same gender partners
• Common-law partners
• Any partnership involving intimacy, such as dating relationship or an extramarital affair, and Includes persons previously involved together in any of the above relationships.

The Criminal Code of Canada explains that criminal harassment occurs when a person, not having
authority to do so;

• Repeatedly follows, communicates, and/or watches an individual or anyone known to the individual, and/or
• Watches the home, and/or workplace of the individual, or
• Engages in threatening conduct directed at the individual or their family

The person suspected of any of these activities must know that:

• The individual is being harassed and
• The activity is causing the individual to reasonably fear for their safety or the safety of anyone known to them

The term “victim” will be used throughout the Personal Safety Plan and includes anyone who is or perceives themselves to be a victim of domestic violence and/or criminal harassment. The steps represent a plan for increasing the personal safety of a victim of domestic violence and/or criminal harassment. This plan is designed to help victims prepare for the possibility of further violence. Victims have a choice about how to respond to a known offender, and how to best get themselves and their children to safety.

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